Thursday, 19 February 2015

Android Random Color

Android Random Color

Inspired by David Merfield's randomColor.js. And onevcat's RandomColorSwift It is a ported version to Android. You can use the library to generate attractive random colors on Android.
See the demo and site to know why does this exist.


dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.lzyzsd.randomcolor:library:1.0.0'


// Returns a random int color value

RandomColor randomColor = new RandomColor();
int color = randomColor.randomColor();

// Returns an array of 10 random color values

RandomColor randomColor = new RandomColor();
int[] color = randomColor.randomColor(10);

//This lib also predefine some colors, so than you can random color by these predefined colors

// Returns an array of ten green colors

randomColor.random(RandomColor.Color.GREEN, 10);

// Returns a random color use hue, saturation, luminosity
// saturation has two kinds of value: RANDOM, MONOCHROME
// luminosity has for kinds of value: BRIGHT, LIGHT, DARK, RANDOM

randomColor(int value, SaturationType saturationType, Luminosity luminosity)

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