Friday, 22 January 2016

Material Design Steppers

Material Design Steppers

Google Material Design Steppers Component 

compile ''
Steps to Add To your Project :
  1. Download the library (i have added to jcenter and waiting for approval) or add in your libs folder
  2. Extend your Activity -> from mobileStepperSimple Class
  3. Implement the Methods initApp and onStepperCompleted
  4. Basically Every Steps will be Fragments and will be handling UserInteraction,so create,Extend your fragments fromstepperFragment
  5. Implement the Method onNextButtonHandler which should return true/false to determine the Library to Move Ahead for next Step,So write your UI validations here and return appropriately.
  6. In your Activity create Objects for your fragments made with stepperFragment ,create as many fragments for your use
  7. Create List and add all the object of fragments.
  8. Inside your initApp overriden Method, just setFragments(PASS_LIST_OF_FRAGMENTS)
  9. >
  10. finally call init() method from your initApp() method
  11. Use onStepperCompleted() for taking actions after the Stepper fragments are completely done by the user
Note : with the given List size : step count will be Computed and Updated,Increasing and dynamic fragment feature will be added in future Commits, Scrollview have been adopted for fragment inbuilt to scroll,So no worries for small screens and large layout.


Included the Example Demo app in Example Medical App project,Download and Sync with
Screenshot :

demo screenshot 

Use of this Library :

  1. Payment Processing Steps for Checkouts
  2. Account verification and creation
  3. Survey Apps and Form fillup driven apps (Highly Recommended)
  4. Any Accomplishment apps and Task driven apps.


  1. Hi,are you still supporting it?I want to use it with firebase,so can I store data as usual?

    1. Yes you can use this with firebase same manner where we deal with the firbase object in fragment because ultimately we are pushing our own created fragment inside the Steppers Lib.

      Still feel free if you facing problem to deal with it I will guide you.

  2. Thanks,I am trying to in add the dependency on android strudio but I am getting not resolve progressMobileStepper

    compile ''
    compile ''
    compile ''

  3. public class MainActivity extends progressMobileStepper {

    and doesnt give me achance to import,is there anything more I need to add other than dependency...,

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  5. Changes to compile '' and it works!

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  7. Thanks...

    I change in post because its new version.