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uCrop - Image Cropping Library for Android

uCrop - Image Cropping Library for Android

This project aims to provide an ultimate and flexible image cropping experience.

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  1. Include the library as local library project.
    compile 'com.yalantis:ucrop:1.0.1'
  2. Add UCropActivity into your AndroidManifest.xml
  3. The uCrop configuration is created using the builder pattern.
    UCrop.of(sourceUri, destinationUri)
        .withAspectRatio(16, 9)
        .withMaxResultSize(maxWidth, maxHeight)
  4. Override onActivityResult method and handle uCrop result.
    public void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {
        if (resultCode == RESULT_OK && requestCode == UCrop.REQUEST_CROP) {
            final Uri resultUri = UCrop.getOutput(data);
        } else if (resultCode == UCrop.RESULT_ERROR) {
            final Throwable cropError = UCrop.getError(data);


If you want to let your users choose crop ratio dynamically, just do not call withAspectRatio(x, y).
uCrop builder class has method withOptions(UCrop.Options option) which extends library configurations.
Currently you can change:
  • image compression format (e.g. PNG, JPEG, WEBP), compression
  • image compression quality [0 - 100]. PNG which is lossless, will ignore the quality setting.
  • whether all gestures are enabled simultaneously
  • maximum size for Bitmap that is decoded from source Uri and used within crop view. If you want to override default behaviour.
  • more coming... (e.g. color pallet)


  • Library - Android GINGERBREAD 2.3+
  • Sample - Android ICS 4.0+

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